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Accomplishing things before the microwave hits 00:00.

Alcohol - Because no good story started with someone eating a salad.

Arizona 99 cent drinks are the shit. Period.

Latest Food Status

Celery is 95% water and 100% not pizza.

Dear Fridge, I will be back in 35 minutes, please go shopping. Sincerely, Hungry as hell!

Dear Pringles, I cannot fit my hand inside your tube of deliciousness.

Dear Vegetarians, If you love animals so much, then why do you keep eating all their food?

New Food Status

Dear food commercials, No one eats in slow motion with their eyes closed. Sincerely, normal people.

Eat like every day is Thanksgiving.

Eating an orange before working out not only keeps you hydrated but also keeps your muscles from getting sore

Eating popcorn: 80% during trailers. 20% during the movie.

Famous Food Status

Everything sucks .. .. .. .. .. except FOOD !!!! ¯\_(?)_/¯

I eat so much.. I make fat kids look skinny!

I enjoy long romantic walks to the fridge.

I just stepped on a cornflake. Now, I am officially a cereal killer.

Awesome Food Status

I need pumpkin flavored EVERYTHING.

I need to hire someone who will follow me around and just knock the unhealthy food out of my hand.

I want a hot body but I also want hot wings.

I will stop eating ice cream out of the container once I make it completely level.

Top Food Status

If there is no chocolate in heaven.. I AM NOT GOING !

If you drink enough fluids in the morning, you will feel happier, sharper, and more energetic throughout the day.

If you open your fridge and find nothing to eat, lower your standards.

Just finished my 6 minute upper body workout-it was pretty easy:arm down,pick up food,arm up,put food in mouth, switch arms :)

Popular Food Status

Men: Uses love to get s3x. Women: Uses s3x to get love. Me: Uses coupons to get pizza.

My diabetic friend died in his sleep. I forgot to wish him "sweet dreams."

My dinner stomach is full, but my dessert stomach still has room.

Never make eye contact while eating a banana.

Short Food Status

Of course size matters. No one wants a small pizza.

Okay, can someone please invent the opposite of a microwave. I need my beer cold, now. And no, the freezer is not fast enough :)

Poor alcohol, it gets blamed for everything.

Stop complaining about being single. We have bigger problems here. Like why McDonald�s doesn�t serve breakfast after 10:30.

Top New Food Status

Television + food, it just goes together

That moment when skinny people call themselves fat and your heavier than them.

The first sip of a hot beverage is always the scariest sip.

The year is 2089. Toasters are made clear now and no one burns toast or bagels. Crime is at 0%

Food Status - Latest SMS

True beauty is within" for example opening your fridge

When I hear myself eating crunchy food, I wonder if other people can hear it too.

You cannot taste me, until you undress me. Sincerely, banana.

all i want in life is to lose weight and gain money yet instead, here i am, gaining weight and losing money

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