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"When music hits you, you feel no pain." RIP Bob Marley

Be cautious when playing the blame game, it usually ends up in pain !!

Every Heart Has A Pain .. Only The Way Of Expression Is Different .. Some Hide It In Eyes While Some Hide In Their Smile.

Latest Pain Status

Every day starts a new beginning so erase the pain of yesterday and look forward to the joys of today:)

Every time I look into your eyes I melt, when you touch me my whole body gets warm inside, and when you tell me you love me, it takes all my pain and stress away, because I know I have finally found the one...

God grant me the serenity to live my life in happiness and peace, not in pain or despair. And at the end of my life, please welcome me home.

I love crying in the rain. because when i do, no one can hear the pain.

New Pain Status

If God loves us so much than why is there so much depression in the world why dose they put us through so much pain and suffering its gotten crazy

Just like a shoe, if someone is meant for you, they will just fit perfectly, no forcing, no struggling, no pain.

Life is full of shit and pain, get used to it or take a bullet in your brain

My favorite kind of pain is in my stomach when my friends make me laugh to hard.

Famous Pain Status

My silence is just another word for pain.

Never let the pain from your past punish your present and paralyze your future.

Never underestimate the power of denial, the heights of assumption or the depths of pain.

One thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain ♥

Awesome Pain Status

Pain makes you stronger. Tears make you braver. Heartbreak makes you wiser. So thank the past for a better future.

Sometimes the memories are worth the pain.

Sometimes, tears are a sign of unspoken happiness.. and smile is a sign of silenced pain..

Strength is nothing more than how well we hide the pain.

Top Pain Status

Takes a big person to cause you so much pain and then realise and try to fix what they have done, they must be a little okay :)

The greatest pain that comes from love is loving someone you can never have.

The more I try, it just gets harder and my pain is getting old.

The pain is still there, the tears still run down my face, and my heart is still breaking.

Popular Pain Status

The walls we put up to keep the pain out are the walls that will eventually keep out our happiness take the walls down one brick at a time

There are times when we must be hurt in order to grow, we must lose in order to gain, because some lessons in life are best learned through Pain!

Trapped in reality, living in chaos, hoping of new, seeing the pain,feeling the hate, smelling the greed,fighting off wars, trying to be, doing the usual.

When someone hurts you physically the pain will go away Once someone hurts you mentally it scars you for life

Short Pain Status

When will this pain end, when will the rampant fires suspend? Will the powers of tranquility render my soul beneath my skin?

When you look at life and say "When does the pain go away?" Just think about your friends and family and you feel better quicker than ever.

When you look in my eyes & see the pain inside why do you just keep on creating more pain & breaking me down...

Why is it that the one you love the most and the one who loves you the most is the one who gives you the most pain.

Top New Pain Status

Wishes there was something they could say or do to help you deal with all your pain but words and action are never enough

You will never know true happiness until you have truly loved, and you will never understand what pain really is until you have lost it.

life is like this : life is love, love is pain, pain is daily, daily is everything, everything is nothing, nothing is unknown, unknown is life

people who laugh the most have experienced the most pain

Pain Status - Latest SMS

says that its not the heartbreak that kills you, the pain comes from all the memories that you have.

tears in my eyes pain in my heart i will never be happy whilst we are apart.

when you have lived my life suffered my pain felt how i feel only then can you judge me

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